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Brent Conrad Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction As explained in a previous article in this series, Facebook Addiction is not a recognized clinical disorder. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, plan events, receive news, and play games. For most, Facebook is a useful and enjoyable way of interacting with others online. However, some users claim to be addicted or obsessed with Facebook and have difficulty logging off even after they have been on for hours. What is it about Facebook that makes it potentially addictive? Below, TechAddiction provides a list of possible reasons for Facebook Addiction. As you read though the explanations, keep in mind of course that not every point applies to every Facebook user. However, if you have a Facebook account you will likely find that at least a few apply to you.

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Social factors[ edit ] Interpersonal difficulties It is argued that interpersonal difficulties such as introversion, social problems, [30] and poor face-to-face communication skills, [31] often lead to internet addiction. Internet-based relationships offer a safe alternative for people with aforementioned difficulties to escape from the potential rejections and anxieties of interpersonal real-life contact.

They resort to virtual relationships and support to alleviate their loneliness. Psychological factors[ edit ] Prior addictive or psychiatric history are found to influence the likelihood of being addicted to the Internet.

The Long Lasting Negative Effects of Abuse. Dr. Schwartz’s Weblog By Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Many Teens Suffer ‘Cyber’ Dating Abuse, Study Suggests ‘Elder Abuse’ Often Involves Finances, Study Finds For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the helpline is a private and convenient solution.

The Internet is a fine hobby or work tool until it causes problems with social partners, work, or school. Not to be confused with the early zeal of a newcomer to the internet, Internet addiction is an extreme development. Net addiction has ruined lives. At FCS we have gained considerable experience and a marvelous success rate, dealing with Internet addiction problems. Building a support team which invariably includes the family doctor as well as the entire immediate family, our goal will be to return normalcy, balance, happiness overall wellness to your life in short order.

Surprisingly, we find the internet “junky” is not a high-tech computer ‘geek’ but more likely to be a nearly computer illiterate or ‘enthusiastic tourist’ to the internet world. Many computer professionals such as software research and development programmers; computer network system engineers and administrators; web designers and developers, all spend countless hours in front of a computer monitor, just as a bus driver spends countless hours “behind the wheel”.

So before you leap to the conclusion that you have a ‘net junkie’ in your household, make certain first that they are not your basic burgeoning genius a. Here are a few signs to watch for. Using the online services everyday without skipping a day. Loosing track of time after making a connection and going out less and less. ICQ , Messenger Services etc.

Your social life depends on making acquaintances on the internet Chats. Your sex life depends on making acquaintances on the internet.

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Smartphone addiction can encompass a variety of impulse-control problems, including: Virtual relationships. Addiction to social networking, dating apps, texting, and messaging can extend to the point where virtual, online friends become more important than real-life relationships.

Internet addiction disorder is a potentially dangerous condition that affects individuals who spend large amounts of time online socializing with friends, playing games, gambling or just surfing the web despite the negative consequences that result from spending so much time online. Learning about the causes and symptoms of internet addiction can help you to detect a problem early on and find help.

Computer addiction does not have to cause long term consequences in your life or in the life of a loved one—help is available in the form of counseling, therapy, and social support groups that will assist you in overcoming impulsive behaviors and reducing the amount of time you or your loved one actually spends online. What is Internet Addiction? Internet addiction is a growing epidemic characterized by a compulsive desire to interact online through internet gaming, gambling, cybersex, social networking or compulsive surfing of the web.

Kimberly Young, the first psychologist to document internet addiction, these disorders are similar to impulse-control disorders. Meeting five of the following symptoms can lead to a diagnosis of internet addiction disorder: Feeling preoccupied with the internet. Feeling restless, irritable, depressed or otherwise moody when not using the internet. Staying online longer than you originally planned to.

Jeopardized a job, relationship, educational opportunity or other important opportunity because of the internet. Lying to friends, family members or others in an effort to conceal the true amount of time that you spend online or your actual activities while online.

Why Is Facebook so Addictive? 21 Reasons For Facebook Addiction – TechAddiction

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Cyber addiction is harmful and deters the youth from leading quality life (Ong, and Tan p). According to Moreno, Jelenchick, Cox, Young, and Christakis (( p), about 93% of the US adolescents and the young adults make use internet.

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Routinely spending significant amounts of time in chat rooms and private messaging with the sole purpose of finding cybersex. Feeling preoccupied with using the Internet to find on-line sexual partners. Frequently using anonymous communication to engage in sexual fantasies not typically carried out in real-life. Anticipating your next on-line session with the expectation that you will find sexual arousal or gratification.

Finding that you frequently move from cybersex to phone sex or even real-life meetings. Hiding your on-line interactions from your significant other.

Often times, this leads to other compulsions and addictions such as cyber-sex addiction. This compulsive sexual behavior often leads to negative social, physical, financial and personal situations. An addiction to internet pornography is most commonly correlated directly to the issue of sex addiction .

Unloved Taken for granted Given these feelings, it is not surprising that they start to wonder if the person will ever cut back on gaming time, or if not, whether they should remain in the relationship. While there is no formal diagnosis of video game addiction, an obsession with video games can definitely have a negative impact on the quality of a relationship. What are the signs that your husband or boyfriend is addicted to video games?

Take our informal quiz to get a sense of whether computer game addiction is a problem in your relationship. Video Game Addiction Test for Partners 1 My husband or boyfriend is happier when he is playing video games than when he is spending time with other people. Although there is no cut-off indicating that video game addiction is present, obviously the more items that apply to you the greater the likelihood that excessive computer gaming is damaging your relationship.

That is, take an interest in video games yourself and this way you can spend time with your boyfriend or husband while you both play games together. Yes, it is true that in some relationships both partners are gamers and enjoy spending time together in this way — it can happen.

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Terminology[ edit ] Addiction is defined by Webster Dictionary as a “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly: Another commonly associated pathology is video game addiction , or Internet gaming disorder IGD. He used this term because it was a suitable fit to his parody.

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Cyber Terrorism Cyber Terrorist iPredator Typology Cyber terrorism has multiple definitions and applies to a variety of cyber attack intricacies that may involve one online assailant or many. As a typology of iPredator , Cyber terrorism is defined as the cognitive, affective, behavioral and motivational factors of terrorist groups or their agents who use Information and Communications Technology ICT to impair, harm or destroy non-combatant targets.

Cyber terrorism is different from activism, hacktivism and cybercrime in that the primary purpose of a cyber terrorist attack is to cause physical violence or extreme financial harm. According to the U. Commission of Critical Infrastructure Protection , cyber terrorist targets include the banking industry, military installations, power plants, air traffic control centers, and water systems. The targets cyber terrorists mostly attack are civilian populations and governments.

The target is not one individual, but groups, communities, regions and nations. Furthermore, cyber terrorism, as an iPredator typology, requires the terrorist group or their agents to meet three criteria as follows: A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT. The usage of ICT to obtain, exchange and deliver harmful information. A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.

Like the classic definition of pre-Information Age terrorism, cyber terrorists target civilian populations or those not engaged in active combat. As stated, cyber terrorists use ICT to harm civilian and commercial systems, which directly or indirectly creates an instant or substantial risk to national security. The Information Age has many benefits to humanity, but it is vital to identify and prevent the malevolent and nefarious elements that exist in cyberspace and Information and Communications Technology.

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