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Manuneethi Overview of the district Hindu Mythological ancedotes state that there used to be a demonic devil named Tanjan. Neelamegha Perumal, Lord Vishnu’s avatar killed that giant at Thanjavur to restore peace and humanity. The city of Thanjavur is believed to have derived its name from this demon. The city rose to prominence during the rule of Chola monarch King Vijayala chola who made it the head quarters of Chola dynasty. After the fall of Chola dynasty, the city was ruled by a number of dynasties like Pandyas, Nayaks, Marathas and the British. The administrative powers of Thanjavur were given over to British empire under the signed treaty of British records refer the city as Tanjore. Cholas History Thanjavur attained prominence under the Chola rulers who were paramount in South India during 9th to 12th centuries.

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As Christianity expanded leaving in its trail genocides,pillage and the destruction of indigenous pagan traditions it couldn’t always break the spirit of the common people it persecuted who still prayed to the old gods and celebrated them in most cases secretly. So the church had another method of destroying the ancient traditions by Christianizing the traditional pagan festivals and legends.

After the decline of the Chola empire, Thanjavur was under Pandya rule for a few decades, and then controlled by the Delhi Sultanate. In the late 14th century, it merged with the growing Vijayanagara empire. The Vijayanagara rulers appointed governors or viceroys called Nayaks for the administration of the different parts of their kingdom. In the 16th century, after Vijayanagar suffered a huge defeat at the hands of the Deccan Sultanates, many of these Nayaks declared independence.

The Nayaks of Thanjavur were among these, and they ruled the region for more than a hundred years. The Thanjavur Palace was built by them in the middle of the 16th century. In , a Maratha general called Venkoji also known as Ekoji I , conquered Thanjavur at the behest of the Bijapur Sultanate, but ended up occupying it and declaring independence. He was the first ruler of the Thanjavur Maratha kingdom that lasted for nearly 2 centuries, until it was annexed to British India.

Instead of building a new palace, the Maratha rulers used the existing one as their residence. To suit their needs, they made many additions and modifications to the complex. Between those and the somewhat confused restoration work that has been carried out in recent years, the Thanjavur Palace is quite a potpourri of structures in various styles. It is an absolute delight with its colorful murals depicting various Hindu deities, portraits of Maratha rulers, intricate stucco images of Gods and Goddesses and magnificent pillars.

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This place is called as Kailash Mahal or Raja Gori. These temples were erected exactly at the place where a ruler or his consort were cremated. If the temple was raised in memory of a male member of the family, it housed a Sivalingam and if the shrine was built in memory of a female member, it housed the idol of the Goddess Parvathi. Tamil University has published the details of these inscriptions in their book titled “Marathiar Kalvettukal”.

Special pujas are performed in these temples by Shivacharyar. Totally, there are five big temples and sixteen smaller temples surviving here now. This is one of the rarest instances in India where a group of memorial shrines of an important Hindu dynasty still exists against all odds. Even though the site and these temples are the private property of the Maratha royal family and pujas are carried out regularly by the family, it is definitely the only surviving group of such historical monuments in Tamil Nadu.

Even now, the site serves as the exclusive cremation ground of the family. These temples were built with bricks, terracotta and lime plaster on a strong granite and laterite base. Some of these temples display intricate ornamentation. The above temples thus possess immense archaeological, historical, architectural and epigraphical importance.

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George and is today India’s fourth largest metropolis. Chennai has retained its traditional Tamil roots while acquiring a modern and cosmopolitan character. Chennai is famous for its sandy beaches, parks and historic landmarks. With a very distinct culture, the people of Chennai have a special interest in music, dance and all other art forms of South India.

Capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and with an estimated population of 6. It is also known as the automobile capital of India and is home to a majority of India’s automobile industry.

fl c BC: Karikala Chola: Son. Defeated the Cheras and Ceylon as well. Perumchottu is a contemporary of the great Chola, King Karikala, but the dating for him conflicts badly with the apparent early years AD dating for the Cheras (circa BC). This is a mismatch that at the moment cannot be satisfactorily resolved (although the possibility is that the Chola dating is inaccurate).

The dam which is m long and 20m wide and made up of stone is still very much in use. Additions have been made in the form of a road bridge on the top of the dam. This is a good picnic spot. The museum contains bronze and granit statues The art and architecture, th heritage of Tiruchi District, Histon, Culture and Civilization are graceful! This city played a significant role in the glorious history and culture of Tamil people. The evidences of Tamil Epic Silapathikaram, the travel note of Greek scholar Ptolemy and the recent excavations made in this area reveal that Karur has been a flourishing trading center even from the early Sangam age.

At the head of the Srirangam island, there is another dam called Upper Anaicut or Mukkombu, which is around m long. Constructed in the 19th century across the Kollidam, this dam has been forced into three sections instead of one long stretch because of the shape of the island. This is a beautiful picnic spot with lus green trees. Environmental Gallery Entry Fee: Science Park Entry Fee: At the top Kolli hills, there is a waterfalls known as Dakshina Ganga, the water of this cataract carryin the medicinal properties has reached Puliancholai and joins the Kollidam, the tributary Cauvery.

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Close Paste Url In conversation with Mr. Kuldip Singh, an architect and town planner by profession, and owner of a beautiful collection of Thanjavur and Mysore paintings by passion, speaks about his journey of collecting these pieces of art. His quest and research on various aspects of these painting traditions also illuminates their history, themes and patronage. Could you please tell us something about your initial exposure, your occupations at the time, and how you started your journey as a collector of such a huge array of Thanjavur and Mysore paintings?

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Thanjavur rose to glory during the later Chola period between the 9th and 14th centuries A. It also flourished later during the rule of the Nayaks and Mahrattas. Thanjavur is well-known throughout the world for the celebrated Brahadeeswara temple. The green paddy fields and the Kaveri River make the site a picturesque location. Places to See in Tanjore: Being a temple city, its sight seeing spots mostly includes temples.

However there are some historical sites too. It was constructed by the great Chola king, Rajaraja I. Built in the 10th century AD, the temple of the finest example of Chola architecture. The architecture of the Brihadisvara Temple of Thanjavur is reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids. The temple is about 63 meters high. The dome of the temple is said to be built with the help of a gigantic piece of granite. The granite which is used to built the dome of the temple is estimated to weigh about 81 tonnes.

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They enjoyed a long, eventful rule lasting for four and a half centuries with great achievements in all fields of royal endeavour such as military conquest, efficient administration, cultural assimilation and promotion of art. All three temples, the Brihadisvara at Thanjavur, the Brihadisvara at Gangaikondacholapuram and Airavatesvara at Darasuram, are living temples. The tradition of temple worship and rituals established and practised over a thousand years ago, based on still older Agamic texts, continues daily, weekly and annually, as an inseparable part of life of the people.

These three temple complexes therefore form a unique group, demonstrating a progressive development of high Chola architecture and art at its best and at the same time encapsulating a very distinctive period of Chola history and Tamil culture. The Brihadisvara temple at Tanjavur marks the greatest achievement of the Chola architects. Known in the inscriptions as Dakshina Meru, the construction of this temple was inaugurated by the Chola King, Rajaraja I CE possibly in the 19th regal year CE and consecrated by his own hands in the 25th regal year CE.

The Chola dynasty was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in history. The earliest datable references to this Tamil dynasty are in inscriptions from the 3rd century BCE left by Ashoka, of the Maurya Empire (Ashoka Major Rock Edict No).As one of the Three Crowned Kings of Tamilakam, the dynasty continued to govern over varying territory until the 13th century CE.

For the histories of these latter two countries since their creation, see Pakistan and Bangladesh. Since early times the Indian subcontinent appears to have provided an attractive habitat for human occupation. Toward the south it is effectively sheltered by wide expanses of ocean, which tended to isolate it culturally in ancient times, while to the north it is protected by the massive ranges of the Himalayas , which also sheltered it from the Arctic winds and the air currents of Central Asia.

Only in the northwest and northeast is there easier access by land, and it was through those two sectors that most of the early contacts with the outside world took place. Within the framework of hills and mountains represented by the Indo-Iranian borderlands on the west, the Indo-Myanmar borderlands in the east, and the Himalayas to the north, the subcontinent may in broadest terms be divided into two major divisions: The expansive alluvial plain of the river basins provided the environment and focus for the rise of two great phases of city life: To the south of this zone, and separating it from the peninsula proper, is a belt of hills and forests, running generally from west to east and to this day largely inhabited by tribal people.

This belt has played mainly a negative role throughout Indian history in that it remained relatively thinly populated and did not form the focal point of any of the principal regional cultural developments of South Asia. However, it is traversed by various routes linking the more-attractive areas north and south of it.

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Early Cholas Sangam Period c. References to them occur in many places in the form of poems and stories, but it is difficult to pinpoint them chronologically due to the lack of firm dates. It could be the case that the dating is out by several hundred years, especially as links with the early Cheras would seem to suggest first century AD dates for events surrounding their first few kings.

The words Tamil Nadu literally means ‘The Land of The Tamils or Tamil Country’.The State of Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest State out of the 29 states of India. But what Tamil Nadu lacks in size, it gains in its abundance of natural resources.

The temple has two inscriptions dating from the Chola period. The complex contains all the shrines and water bodies associated with it. The temple observes six daily rituals and three yearly festivals. This is one of the Divyadesas of Lord Perumal and has the added reputation of being the birth place — Avatara Sthala of Mother Bhoomadevi. Near to this temple Thirunageshwaram Naganathar temple is situated. Among Divya Desam, This sthalam had a no salt in prasadham for lords.

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It is an important example of Tamil architecture achieved during the Chola dynasty. This is one of the largest temples in India and one of India’s most prized architectural sites. Thanjavur Periya Kovil stands amidst fortified walls that were probably added in the 16th century.

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The earliest temple structure was found in Surkh kotal which is a place in Afghanistan during the year by a French archaeologist. The temple was dedicated to king Kanishka of AD. Eventually the importance of idol worship started to gain importance towards the end of the Vedic period and thus the concept of temples for gods came into light. During the ancient times community temples were made up of clay with thatched roofs made of straws and leaves.

Sometimes in certain remote places and mountainous terrain cave temples existed. It was only later that temples were made out of stones and bricks. In fact the earliest structures that indicate idol worship can be traced back to 4th or the 5th century AD. There was significant growth and rise of the Hindu temples between the 6th and 16th century and a great part of it can be contributed to the various dynasties that ruled India during that period.

They considered that building temples was an extremely pious act and hence kings, wealthy men were ready to put their hands down and help in the building of the temples for its growth and perform various religious activities. According to legends Changu Narayan temple existed as early as A. In the grounds there is a stone pillar inscription of great importance recording the military exploits of King Man Deva who reigned from A.

The first epigraphic evidence of Nepalese history found in the temple premises during the reign of the Licchavi King Mandeva dating back to A.

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Las Posadas Clothing Clothing for most Indians is also quite simple and typically untailored. Men especially in rural areas frequently wear little more than a broadcloth dhoti , worn as a loose skirtlike loincloth, or, in parts of the south and east, the tighter wraparound lungi. In both cases the body remains bare above the waist, except in cooler weather, when a shawl also may be worn, or in hot weather, when the head may be protected by a turban.

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Hindu devotees visit the holy town throughout the year. Temples, holy sites and legends from Indian Epic Ramayana create the ambiance of spiritual bliss. The scared pilgrimage, Char Dham Yatra is not considered complete until visiting the divine Ramanathaswamy Temple of Rameshwaram. Marvel at the Pamban Bridge, linking the island to mainland. Once the capital of Pallavas, a ruling dynasty in South India and patrons of art, architecture and culture.

Experience the lavish heritage at the yearl old mansion of Kanchi Kudil Visit Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary, renowned for rare water birds Kanyakumari Vivekananda Rock Memorial , Kanyakumari The tip of India, Kanyakumari is known for beauty, history, heritage, religion and amazing experiences. The delightful view at sunrise and sunset at Cape Comorin is breathtaking as are holidays here.

One of its kind and a thing to definitely not miss, the town is known for Tanjore paintings, cotton and silk sarees. Settled along the Cauvery River, the bustling city is known for a vast history. Every era has left behind their remains and now has become a part of the city culture. The bustling city also has delightful food stalls and markets for a good time. The town is the holy pilgrimage site for believers of Shiva and Mahakali equally.

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