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Her memories of Lord Fontaine were clouded by years and the distorted memories of a child. Sophie leaned over and pressed her lips to a wrinkled cheek. Her breath caught, and when his gaze sought her out, she reached quickly for the pianoforte behind her for balance. Dear God, had he always been so handsome? He smiled, and she set her glass down before she spilled its contents. How the devil could she have thought he was a prince? Fontaine was a golden god, with a body built for carnal sin, wrapped in the chilly infamous English hauteur she had never forgotten. How he used to intimidate her with that steely-eyed stare!

Cavanaugh Hero

Novel-length 39 chapters as of The arrival of the mysterious Bennet family to Longbourn throws the Netherfield party into quite a state and the rest of Hertfordshire into a frenzy. Amongst matchmaking mamas and sisters and misconceptions and whilst still healing from traumatic past experiences, members from both party begin to learn that perhaps a little indignity is needed before they can truly begin to understand one another.

There are numerous stories in this trope, in which the Bennets have more money or better connections than Mr. Darcy realizes when he first snubs Elizabeth.

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Tristan Wemyss, fourth Earl of Trentham, reflected that he’d rarely been called a fool, yet here he stood, gazing out of a window at an undoubtedly virtuous lady, and indulging in all manner of lustful thoughts. Understandable, perhaps; the lady was tall, dark-haired and possessed a willowy, subtly curvaceous figure displayed to advantage as, strolling the back garden of the neighboring house, she paused here and there, bending to examine some foliage or flower in the lush and strangely riotous garden beds.

It was February, the weather as bleak and chill as in that month it was wont to be, yet the garden next door displayed abundant growth, thick leaves in dark greens and bronzes from unusual plants that seemed to thrive despite the frosts. Admittedly, there were trees and shrubs leaveless and lifelorn scattered throughout the deep beds, yet the garden exuded an air of winter life quite absent from most London gardens in that season. Not that he possessed any interest in horticulture; it was the lady who held his interest, with her gliding, graceful walk, with the tilt of her head as she examined a bloom.

Her hair, the color of rich mahogany, was coiled in a coronet about her head; he couldn’t from this distance divine her expression, yet her face was a pale oval, features delicate and pure. A wolfhound, shaggy and brindle-coated, snuffled idly at her heels; it usually accompanied her whenever she wandered outside. His instincts, well-honed and reliable, informed him that today the lady’s attention was perfunctory, in abeyance, that she was killing time while she waited for something.

Gnostic vs. Orthodox — Insights on Smithsonian’s “Bible Hunters” Series

Series is now complete Contemporary Alpha Series: Series is now complete. Carole Mortimer has written books, in paranormal romance, contemporary romantic suspense, and Regency. Carole Mortimer An Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author Rules are made to be broken Beth Blake used to have a perfectly normal life in London until a secret from the past thrusts her into notoriety and she finds herself in Argentina under the watchful eye of a bodyguard. Controlling, insufferable and sinfully sexy to boot, Raphael Cordoba is a thorn in her independent side!

Guarding Beth should be easy for Raphael—as long as he remembers the golden rule:

Searching for Disaster ⇐ Back to Books. SEARCHING FOR DISASTER Pocket Star October 10, The next highly anticipated novella in the Searching For series, a romantic spin-off of the Marriage to a Billionaire series from New York Times bestselling sensation Jennifer Probst.

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The series was anthropologically, historically, psychologically, spiritually, and religiously interesting. Basically, it was about the discovery of ancient Biblical texts and versions of the four gospels, which predate the versions popular today. Some of the texts were found hidden in jars outside of monastery walls in Egypt, where a number of ancient Christian monasteries had existed. Scholars believe these manuscripts were hidden away because they were Gnostic, not Orthodox teachings.

The Gnostics were intellectuals. They believed in the importance of understanding the meaning of spiritual knowledge more than the ritualistic component.

Roberta was a 43 year old bartender, working weekends to make enough to keep her house, after her husband’s death. She was also incredibly gorgeous, with soft, sensual skin, that cried out for a massage.

With backing from a Hollywood A-lister, Eli intends to prove that this boy from the wrong side of town has made it big. Busy running her specialty baking company, widowed Rachel has no interest in romance—even when her first love comes back to town. Moved by the star-crossed couple’s repressed passion, which is hotter than cinnamon candy and sweeter than sugar icing, a benevolent Christmas ghost, who lives for happy endings, might just be cooking up a delicious new chance for Rachel and Eli.

Love and second chances continue when Elijah Lane and Rachel Wilson are reunited this holiday season. They were high school sweethearts with plans for the future. That future never happened when Eli left town abruptly with rumors flying about his participation in a car theft.

Perfect Kisses

She was also incredibly gorgeous, with soft, sensual skin, that cried out for a massage. She kept her hair cut fairly short, but it was still a beautiful jet-black, and she managed to seem quite feminine, despite her tomboyish exterior. She had loved being married, because, unlike many wives, she wanted sex every day, and made sure that she got it from her late hubby. She also knew about his affairs, as she had been his mistress during his first marriage, and she had simply not been able to give up his 9 inch cock.


Romanian Jazz International Country: She is the co-founder of Romanian Jazz International — a new platform aiming to present Romanian jazz music on the European and world scene. She performs activities within the area of cultural management and international collaborations, she is a founder and member of diverse cultural initiatives, and is actively involved with international artistic projects through cultural consultancy, programme coordination, artistic programming, and research.

I would like to meet people who are interested in the activities I perform with Romanian Jazz International and as a jazz professional. As well as people who I can help and advise based on my area of expertise and background. Based on previous experience, I am not the right match for musicians who want to promote themselves. At the moment more than music teachers in the Netherlands are connected to this organisation.

The company is also based in Denmark, where the parent company is located, and recently also started in Norway. He has years of international experience as a jazz musician and as a music teacher, coach and entrepreneur. The mission of Muziekonderwijs.

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After breaking up one ill-suited couple, Henrietta is obligated to find the perfect bride for the debonair James Glossup. But Henrietta discovers—in spite of her personal denials of love—that both she and James are indisputably drawn to each other. Avon Books is delighted to present this free e-book sampler, which includes excerpts from classic Avon tales as well as eight new or upcoming Avon and Avon Impulse novels, and a special introduction from bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

The Honorable Miss Mary Cynster always gets what she wants.

“Artful diversions, a clever heroine, and intense passion are all brought together by Dare’s smart writing and spot-on matchmaking. There’s just the right amount of intrigue, and even the minor characters have layered personalities.

He had to control himself, get past his anger, or else he wouldn’t be able to think clearly. He’d also run out of neck clothes, as this was the third he’d managed to mangle since his friend Darby showed up in his dressing room waving a copy of Volume Two of what was becoming known as The Chronicles of a Hero. As if the first one hadn’t been enough: Indeed, Volume One had been sufficient to send him off within a fortnight to the supposed safety of his newly acquired estate, where he’d hoped sanity might rule the day even considering that his mother was in residence.

He’d returned to London only at the behest of his friend Gabriel Sinclair, and that was for only a week, at which point the delivery of a copy of the soon-to-be published Volume Two had sent him to his estate once more. But this time it was only to pack up the majority of his new wardrobe, fail to talk his mother out of returning with him and head back to the Little Season, where he would find himself a wife.

Except Gabriel, and contrary to all that was rational, his friend seemed deliriously happy contemplating the loss of his freedom. A hasty betrothal might not solve all his problems, but it would be a start. We post the banns yet today! Yes, he would take himself off the market. Only then would he be able to concentrate on the rest of it. For God’s sake, Darby, put it down. It’s obvious you’re going to wrest the fair maiden from a fate worse than death, hero that you are. Just let me read the ending.

As razões do amor

Prologue T he gunshot was muffled deliberately, the extension on the end of the gun barrel all but silencing the scream of the bullet. A bullet that ended a life in less than a heartbeat. The cop never knew what hit him, the shooter thought with satisfaction.

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She could feel it. Feel it despite the fact that there were no signs of a struggle and nothing out of place. The longer she stayed, the more convinced she became that she was right. As was her custom, the petite, pleasantly plump housekeeper had let herself into Professor Melinda Grayson’s modern, two-story house with her own key. It was a copy of the master key, awarded to her amid much fanfare. She viewed the key as a status symbol, a testimony to her character.

Her employer, Melinda Grayson, did not trust easily, holding the people she dealt with suspect until they proved themselves worthy in her eyes.

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Aurora’s finest become walking targets in USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella’s Cavanaugh Justice miniseries. A serial cop killer has Aurora’s police force up in arms. And when the former chief gets hit, it becomes personal for Detective Declan Cavanaugh and his

The gentleman in black turned down the corridor, and Charlotte Highwood followed. Her ears caught the subtle click of a door latch—down the passage, to the left. She hesitated in an alcove, engaging herself in silent debate. In the grand scheme of English society, Charlotte was a wholly unimportant young woman. But impertinence was preferable to the alternative: Distant music spilled from the ballroom.

The first few strains of a quadrille. If she meant to act, it must be now. Before she could talk herself out of it, Charlotte tiptoed down the corridor and put her hand on the door latch. Desperate mothers called for desperate measures. When she opened the door, the marquess looked up at once.

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