In the Zone

Baby, can’t you see? I’m callin’ A guy like you should wear a warnin’ It’s dangerous, I’m fallin’ There’s no escape, I can’t wait I need a hit, baby, give me it You’re dangerous, I’m loving it Too high, can’t come down Losing my head, spinning ’round and ’round Do you feel me now? With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride You’re toxic, I’m slipping under With a taste of a poison I’m on paradise I’m addicted to you Don’t you know that you’re toxic? And I love what you do Don’t you know that you’re toxic? It’s getting late to give you up I took a sip from my devil’s cup Slowly, it’s taking over me Too high, can’t come down It’s in the air and it’s all around Can you feel me now? With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride You’re toxic, I’m slipping under With a taste of a poison paradise I’m addicted to you Don’t you know that you’re toxic? Don’t you know that you’re toxic? With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride You’re toxic, I’m slipping under toxic!

Letra de The hook up (en español)

After his tribute to Justin Timberlake after his Super Bowl performance, we decided to show you guys the top 5 times the ‘Biebs was the ultimate fan boy. Do you think Justin’s love for other celebs is weird, or does it make you like him even more? But the first time they met, things got a little complicated. Corden asked if she had a crush on Ryan Gosling, another mickey mouse Club member, but Aguilera said her eye was on someone else. Supplied Spears and Timberlake ended up getting together later on from to before splitting up.

Flawless album but The album is incredible. I’ve heard it before but I wanted to buy it in brand new, flawless condition for my collection. Everything was perfect about this order, HOWEVER, I can’t give this a 5 star review because there’s a scratch on the cover that drives my OCD crazy!!!Seller Rating: % positive.

But it did leave me with a few questions. Which girl is Sam going to hook up with? Why did Puck come back? And most importantly, do Rachel’s dance teacher and her new beau have a romantic history? Here are my top five questions from Glee’s “Britney 2. I might be reading too much into things, but I’m definitely picking up on a vibe that Rachel’s dance teacher Cassandra July may have had an inappropriate relationship with student Brody Weston. Between his warnings to Rachel about her and his willingness to upset her by showing up, Brody and Cassandra clearly have some type of history.

The most telling moment was this rather pointed line from “Britney 2. It would definitely add some more spice into this storyline, especially since Rachel and Cassandra seem to be getting along right now. It seems that Sam has chemistry with everyone. First he gave a pep talk to Marley in the season 4 premiere and sparks seemed to be flying.

Britney Spears:The Hook Up Lyrics

Luke] and I were in the studio, he played me the music he was working on for [Britney], and we then based the song on what her life was like at the time and how people viewed her. It was a cool way to get people dancing and having fun, but also to have a slight message underneath of it all. Luke] we knew we were going to maybe write something for [Britney], but there was no concept, it was just knowing her style and knowing what she does.

The Outsyders , an Atlanta-based production team, produced the album’s first single, [13] while Fernando Garibay worked on two bonus songs for Spears.

We’ve got to give Britney Spears fans what they want. And you’ll get it all: • Listen to singles and complete albums of Brit’s discography – You will find all your favorite songs.

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Britney Spears’s kid sister, star of the cable TV tween hit “Zoey ,” was pregnant at the age of 16! She was paid to tell the world in OK! And her mom’s book on parenting was suddenly delayed! While the tabs and the celebrity blogs gave thanks to the news gods, the story had a rather different impact in the executive suites at Viacom’s Nickelodeon, which airs Jamie Lynn Spears’s wildly popular show. After all, the star’s pregnancy wasn’t exactly in keeping with the program’s squeaky-clean high-school fare.

Official Britney Spears Hook Up lyrics at CD Universe. He was looking, said he want to hook up But she don’t want to hook up Told him just go And then she looked up and said she want.

The songs on this album are all phenomenal. Bad Media Karma, another day another drama Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I’m Mrs. Britney shows that even with all the stress and struggles of life, she is not going to let any of it bother her. She plans to move on. A perfect ending for an unbelievable album. If you have to — forget it is Britney Spears completely, you will see that this album is extraordinary.

It will have you dancing and singing along within the first listen. Blackout has finally been released, and it does not fail to deliver!

Christina Aguilera talks Britney Spears love triangle with Justin Timberlake

Selfish This one used to be my faaaave song! Many more, too many to list! A lovely photo from the Femme Fatale photoshoot, and I love the backwards “F” next to her from the shadow of the window! Since it came out in , I was 12 I was always fascinated by this album. I always loved the cover, I mean the repetitive squares are hypnotizing! I always loved her pose, with the hat and black hair.

The Hook Up y otras muchas canciones de Britney Spears traducidas al español las podrás encontrar en Traduce Letras! Además de la letra de la canción The Hook Up en español, también encontrarás The Hook Up traducida en portugués, en inglés, en francés, en alemán y otros.

Originally by Reference 3. Britney Spears isn’t just one of the hottest female pop stars, but also one of the best current singers. List of the best Britney Spears albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Britney Spears discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Britney Spears albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven’t included Britney Spears singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums.

If you think the greatest Britney Spears album isn’t high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don’t just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Britney Spears album, then vote it up, even if it’s not necessarily the most popular. If you want to know, “What is the Best Britney Spears album of all time? List contains albums like Oops!

Britney Spears – The Hook Up

Britney Amber is a mega pornstar who has been at it for over a decade and is still going strong. She is a blonde bimbo who knew that her calling was to be in porn. Before she started in the industry, she was working as a hotel auditor, but that job was not getting her any closer to her goals of being able to buy property and live a nice life. She met some girls who knew how to get into the porn industry and she decided to go for it just like that.

After being in the industry for a few years she had her breasts augmented.

View credits, reviews, track listings and more about the Russia CD release of MP3 by Britney Spears.

In November , Spears released her third album, Britney , which portrayed more adult and provocative themes and featured the lead single ” I’m a Slave 4 U “. The album has sold over four million copies in the United States; nevertheless, it was viewed as “poor-selling” in comparison to her previous efforts. In November , she revealed that she had started working on her next studio album. She explained, “Well, actually, I just said that I wanted two or three weeks off.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter about the direction of the record, Spears responded it was an organic evolution, adding, “It should just happen naturally from the way you feel. However, after news of an affair between them broke, Durst told Jive Records he was not going to let them use the songs for the album.

Scott Spock, also from The Matrix, continued comparing her to Madonna, saying, [10] “She’s taking it to the next level in her career. Madonna constantly takes what’s in the club and puts what she does on top of it and makes it mainstream. I think Britney is starting to embrace that concept where she’s looking to work on different stuff, instead of using the same familiar, and applying it to her.

I think they’ll be really into what’s going to happen. Spears commented, “I’ve really been able to take my time and have creative control and make [the new album] special, special, special. The performance was listed by Blender magazine as one of the twenty-five sexiest music moments on television history. Spears commented about writing while touring, “The only thing that was scary to me is that I didn’t know if they were good.

Every Britney Spears song, ranked

A second sample of the song’s chorus, where Spears sings over a repetitive whistled arpeggio melody. Problems playing this file? Spears’ vocals range from the low note of D3 to the high note of D5. A reviewer for Samesame.

Rolling Stone: stars out of “The clubby, adventurous pop on her sixth album would have made a fine follow-up to ‘s IN THE ZONE.” Tracks of Disc 1 1.

Before she knew it, Britney was saying her goodbyes to high school friends and packing her bags for New York City with one thing on her mind: Following numerous tabloid stories attempting to knock the young singer off of her pedestal, Britney released her second album in , Oops! I Did It Again, to mobs of awaiting fans. The Britney craze was in full swing and the humble princess fast became the Queen of Pop with sold out shows, respect from the music critics and a million-dollar contract with Pepsi.

While Britney continued to rise with the success of her third LP, the pop star also began to lose a lot of her younger fans when she ripped off the schoolgirl gear and pranced around in skimpy underwear with giant snakes wrapped around her neck. With her fourth and most recent album, In the Zone, Britney dumped the pop sound from her past albums in place of an experimental beat that was supposed to prove to critics that she had matured as an artist.

Now that Britney has replaced the good girl image with a tabloid-led lifestyle of dirty secrets and an untamed nightlife, we beg to gamble on how much longer this self-styled princess has before she expires. Get More Women Now! Tired of striking out? Check out these Dating Tips for all sorts of advice on how to finally get the girl!

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Like her peer Christina Aguilera , Britney equates maturity with transparent sexuality and the pounding sounds of nightclubs, but since she’s not as dirrty as Xtina , her spin is a little different. Where Christina comes across like a natural-born skank, Britney is the girl next door cutting loose at college, drinking and smoking and dancing and sexing just a little too recklessly, since this is the first time she can indulge herself. And that’s what In the Zone is — Britney indulging herself, desperate to prove that she’s an adult.

Back it up now Bump your rump now Grab my waist now Work it out now Grab my shoulder Pick it up now Take it lower To the floor now up, baby We can drop a little somethin’.

After wrapping up filming season five of Jersey Shore, Pauly will be heading out with Spears as her opening act, getting the party pumping with his signature beats. This tour is a comeback for Britney, who scored several hits off her latest CD, after a train wreck two years ago where her career looked as if it would never recover. What better way to gain media and fan interest than to put the hottest guy on MTV’s Jersey Shore together with the former princess of MTV for some special shows?

Said Pauly of the hookup, “Britney is one of my favorite performers. I am so excited to be performing on the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour. She is certainly one of this generation’s most influential artists. It’s an amazing platform to connect with my fans around the country. And it’s just fun being onstage with her performing. I couldn’t ask for more. Better to leave the songs to the professionals.

Said Pauly in a statement, “A DJ should not play the artist’s songs at her concert ’cause she has to perform these songs.

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