10 Best Cities in America for Health and Happiness

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Looking to relocate? Each year, the healthiest and happiest cities in America are named by public agencies, private consultancies, magazines, blogs and now even Foursquare. San Francisco, California Top Image Early adventurers seeking the Fountain of Youth should have stuck flowers in their hair and headed for San Francisco, which was recently named the best city for staying young by the RealAge Youngest and Oldest Cities report. Add a strong emphasis on local and organic food and a low incidence of smoking, and you have the best anti-aging recipe in the country. One contributor is diet; Honolulu reports the highest number of Foursquare check-ins to healthy eating establishments, like farmers markets, fish markets, salad shops and juice bars, as a percentage of total check-ins to restaurants and shops. Life expectancy is high, especially since the vast majority of women stay on top of regular health examinations like mammograms and pap smears. Paul-Bloomington the best metropolitan area for healthy, fit and active lifestyles. The Twin Cities boast high numbers of public recreation areas, which likely contributes to their low levels of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

America’s fastest-growing tech cities aren’t on the coasts

You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s – please keep an eye on your mailbox, we’re movin’ in! If most of our friends, male or female, gay or straight, seem to agree on one thing when it comes to finding anyone good for more than a three-month mock relationship full of drama in this town, it’s that it’s next to hopeless.

Which isn’t all that surprising, given the massive sprawl that spreads people out say you’re in North Miami Beach, are you really gonna date someone who lives down in Coral Gables? Add into that the fact that Miami may actually be one of the best cities for hooking up something even people who are supposed to be otherwise committed have a hard time ignoring.

Or the fact that the recession and unemployment crises have hit incredibly hard here, especially among the young folks, making it hard for anyone to, you know, actually afford a traditional date.

AXE’s “America’s Best and Worst Cities for the Dating Game” study was conducted using 24 distinct criteria including, among others: population density, percentage of singles, frequency of hooking up, dating venues such as coffee shops, bars, and intimate apparel stores and flowers and jewelry bought as

Basic and no frills. We needed parking for an event and this place has it. Ideally located to soak in this small town. Nichole, USA Bed was wonderful and the microwave and small fridge most helpful Breakfast very very minimal. That was the only disappointment. Rest of the property most satisfactory. Loretta, USA Great location, lots of parking.

Accomodating and helpful staff. Directly across the street from the Manitou Incline bus, which was nice! Tricia, USA Beds were comfortable. The breakfast was enough to get by.

Debunking the Data Behind Those “Top Cities for Singles” Lists

Denton, Texas Just north of Dallas, Denton boasts a vibrant community with attractions for every age. A Creative Art Studio features the work of local artist and offers classes for budding artists. For a sweet treat, visit Denton Square Donuts: Woodstock, Vermont This picturesque Vermont town belongs on the back of a postcard. Tree-lined streets, pristine homes, and quaint shops make Woodstock an ideal travel destination.

Mount Vernon is the fourth city from our list of the 19 Best Small Cities for Single Millennial Women to make our list of the 25 Best Small Cities for Single Senior

Hear the words “tech economy,” and you’re likely to think of the major cities that house the country’s biggest companies: But if you’re looking for a job in tech, you might have a better chance looking elsewhere. The places with the biggest growth in the sector aren’t on the coasts, but are mostly small and midsize cities in the U. Job-listing company ZipRecruiter looked at a year’s worth of job postings for technical jobs and ranked the 20 locations that had the biggest growth.

The results were surprising. Cincinnati, Ohio, was No. Cleveland and Columbus were Nos. ZipRecruiter defined a technical job by its content, not its employer. For example, receptionists working for software companies didn’t count as tech jobs, but network administrators did, regardless of what company they worked for. They’re so expensive and crowded.

25 Best Things to Do in Corpus Christi, Texas

Email Have you been to Del Posto? It’s the country’s best Italian restaurant. Even as recently as 50 years ago, the term “Italian restaurant” conjured images of red and white checkered tablecloths, carafes of middling chianti, and a red sauce-heavy menu with classics like chicken Parmigiana that were more Italian-American than authentic Italian.

Then something interesting happened: People got bored, and a new breed of Italian restaurant came onto the scene, able to rival even the highest-end French dining rooms.

Aug 25,  · Having already ranked the top 10 cities for single men earlier this year, CBS MoneyWatch has rounded up the Top 10 Cities for Single Women, using housing data and research from to understand what today’s single women are looking for when searching for a place to settle down, and how their needs differ from that of male renters. (And.

Tenochtitlan Tenochtitlan , the Aztec capital The city of Mexico- Tenochtitlan was founded by the Mexica people in The old Mexica city that is now simply referred to as Tenochtitlan was built on an island in the center of the inland lake system of the Valley of Mexico , which it shared with a smaller city-state called Tlatelolco.

For three months, the city suffered from the lack of food and water as well as the spread of smallpox brought by the Europeans. The first Spanish viceroy arrived in Mexico City fourteen years later. By that time, the city had again become a city-state , having power that extended far beyond its borders. List of oldest structures in Mexico City The city had been the capital of the Aztec empire and in the colonial era, Mexico City became the capital of New Spain.

The existing central place of the Aztecs was effectively and permanently transformed to the ceremonial center and seat of power during the colonial period, and remains to this day in modern Mexico, the central place of the nation.

America’s 10 Least Gay-Friendly Big Cities

It is part of a larger archaeological complex known as Tiahuanacu , and is considered to be one of the most important sites of Andean history. According to him and his supporters, Puma Punku is considered to be one of the oldest archaeological sites on the face of Earth, dating back to 13, BCE. Another group of archaeologists used the unreliable carbon dating method to date the site to about AD.

Men’s Health ranks the most car-crazed cities in America based on money spent on car audio, body work, and paint jobs; number of auto-parts stores; and the number of people who read car magazines.

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An endless amount of messages from men. That was not the case on my end. To answer the OP, I agree that you should be fine in most areas. I’m sure there are a lot of crazy men, but there are also good ones also.. I did get lots of messages, but all super low quality horrible grammar, only wanting hookups, etc. I’m one of the good ones, and I still couldn’t find quality guys online.

These cities have the best chance of winning the war for Amazon’s new headquarters

By the beaches, Rio is a sultry city with a gorgeous backdrop of wooded mountains, and a playground for the girls and guys of Ipanema and Copacabana. Climbing to the top of the Sugar Loaf mountain or to the statue of Christ on Corcovado, you’ll be convinced that you truly are looking at a “marvelous city,” as locals describe it. It’s a city that never disappoints. Start at the gigantic Zocalo Square, home to majestic architecture, and continue down the historic center to find faded old mansions and a number of museums, including Frida Kahlo’s.

The best room in a hotel is often called the presidential suite or royal suite if the hotel is a high-end establishment. At independent hotels, the best room is often called the honeymoon suite. Also, a suite will typically offer more space than a standard hotel room.

The capital of Puerto Rico is the oldest city under U. Augustine, Florida, founded in is the oldest city in the continental United States. The history of San Juan begins a long time before its official foundation, in , during his second voyage, Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Rico. He founded the original settlement in Caparra, now known as Pueblo Viejo, behind the almost land-locked harbor just to the west of the present metropolitan area and the city quickly became Spain’s most important military outpost in the Caribbean.

A year later, the original settlement was relocated to a nearby coastal islet to the site of what is now called Old San Juan and named Puerto Rico Rich Port. Sometime during the s, confusion over the names led to a switch, the island took the name of Puerto Rico and the town became San Juan. Today, San Juan is known as La Ciudad Amurallada the walled city and is one of the biggest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean and is the second oldest European-founded city in theAmericas after Santo Domingo, which was officially founded on August 5, The metropolitan area known as San Juan has 3 distinct areas: During the early 16th century, San Juan was the point of departure of Spanish expeditions to charter or settle unknown parts of the New World.

Its fortifications repulsed the English navigator Sir Francis Drake in , as well as later attacks. San Juan is the largest processing center of the island, the metropolitan area has facilities for petroleum and sugar refining, brewing and distilling and produces cement, pharmaceuticals, metal products clothing, and tobacco. The port is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.

San Juan is the country’s financial capital, and many U.

If Cities Were Your Boyfriend

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